Tournament Score Center
1. Use a Shared Server Application
Currently, I am not hosting any publicly shared instances of Tournament Score Center.
2. Manage Your Own Server Application
The source code and database are available for download and can be setup on a server you own or server you share. There are instructions for creating a new instance and updating your current instance. If you're starting fresh, it's best to get the most recent version. NOTE: Your application and database versions must be the same. Check out the GitHub repository for the most up to date code, information, and issues.


a. Public or Private Webserver
b. PHP 5.4+
c. MySQL Database 5.x+
d. Mail Server (Optional - Alternative mail service could be used too)
e. Domain Name (Optional - Offline instance could be setup using an environment like XXAMP)


Release Date Version Number Application Code / Database / Documentation
01/13/2019 1.19.1 1.19.1

Installation Instructions

Use instructions (A) if you are creating a new instance of Tournament Score Center, or (B) if you are updating an existing installation and wish to keep your data.

A. Create a new instance:

0. This guide assumes you have a web server and MySQL Database server configured to host files. (More information may be posted later)
1. Download the most recent Application Code and MySQL Database files. (It is critical these are the same version)
2. Unzip the Application Code and MySQL database files. This should create a new folder with a scorecenter folder and database folder
3. Move the scorecenter folder and all it's contents into your desired web server's directory.
4. On your database server, create a new database called 'score_center_db'.
5. Still on your database server, create a new user and grant them permissions to at least DELETE, INSERT, SELECT, and UPDATE on your score_center_db database. Remember the username and password.
6. Find and click the import function on your MySQL server client. Browse to the downloaded database/score_center_db.sql file and import it. The Score Center Database should now be prepared.
7. In your scorecenter directory on the web server, open the login.php file.
8. Enter the four fields regarding connection information to your MySQL database. Host name, database name, and the username and password you just created. Save the file.
9. Your Tournament Score Center application should now be operational. Navigate to the scorecenter folder (http://<>/scorecenter).
10. A login page should appear. The default super user login is: username: admin, password: admin. This can be changed after login.

B. Update an existing instance:

0. Instead of downloading the MySQL Database and configuring a new instance, download the MySQL Database Update Script. Run this script on your existing database. Follow the same steps for the application code. (This will retain your existing data).